Another Cabinet Reshuffle

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A skinny anxious clown sits precariously on his small world, shuffling cards with his clumsy nail-bitten hands.  His shifty, worried look is explained by the fact that all the cards in his pack are jokers – He only has more clowns to choose from.

This is a reflection of our esteemed prime ministers, who, having selected the best man for the job have to sack him for some stupid misdemeanour.  They then reshuffle the pack of candidates, looking for the second best man.  Over the period of parliament, we watch them work through their pack of clowns until there is an election and we are blessed with a new deck of cards

Walnut, boxwood, hawthorn, crystal glass, veneer, gold and oil paints.

The jester is 8 inches / 20 cm high on top of the ball