British Craftsmanship in Wood Ebook - Betty Norbury

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This unique publication presents to the reader an exceptional collec­tion of some 450 examples of the finest handmade woodwork of the twentieth century.

Almost 200 designer-makers are represented, providing a gallery of superbly crafted work including furniture, sculpture, turnery, gazebos and conservatories, toys and automata, musical instru­ments, decorative boxes, marque­try, and other woodware such as carved love spoons, lace bobbins and jewellery.

Thumb-nail sketches give penetrat­ing insights into the designers' philosophies to their work and asp­irations for the future. Through the text, one becomes aware of the very real dedication, care, and concern this rare breed of craftsmen have between them, not only for their own satisfaction of knowing that they are producing fine quality work but also for us – their cust­omers – that we are getting the best in craftsmanship and design.

This is an important work of refer­ence for interior designers, home­makers and all wood enthusiasts, as well as a delightful book to read or browse through at leisure.

To complete the book a list of designer-makers' names and add­resses appears in the index.